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Service Manager 2018 is here!

22 Nov 2017

The Technisoft Development team are pleased to announce the release of Service Manager 2018!

Read about what's new in 2018 here........

*The User Interface has had a fresh and modern update with a full replacement of all icons and a new appearance.
*New Cost Plus Billing Proration options to set the Revenue value as a set dollar amount or marked up to a margin percentage based on costs.
*Post Cost Only lines into a separate cost only posting based on the Fiscal period derived from the line date
*Cost Only option has been merged with the Delayed Billing option to provide a single setting
*Kitting Items' components are now supported in the Document
*Posted and Completed Refurbishments can now have further cost and quantity adjustments made
*New Task Date Field has been added
*The Posting Type selection options in Multi Post have been moved to the Primary tab.
*Improvements to the Email Layout screen
*Multiple report forms can be selected for a single report run

...and much more!

Please contact your Sage Solution Partner for more information.

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