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Service Manager 2017 & Product Update 1.4

17 Aug 2017

Product Update 1.4 has been released for Service Manager 2017 and can be downloaded from the Product Updates section.....Read on

Service Manager 2017 was released in December 2016 and some of the great new features include:

*A new Price Escalation option to specify by Scheduled Frequency
*A new Refurbishment Adjustment type to allow negative and positive cost adjustments
*G/L Segment Override is available at Task level
*Subcontractors and Internal Equipment can be added to Work groups
*Subcontractors can have Skills defined and the Skills properties have been enhanced to include more information about the certification and renewal of those skills
*New Status Actions to control work flow
*New option to Auto-Retrieve Time Entries 
and lots more!

The Product Update 1.4 includes a number of corrections to reported issues and can be applied to all Final Release versions of Service Manager 2017.

Please contact or speak to your Sage Solution Partner for more information.
The new software release is available to existing Service Manager customers who are current on Software Assurance at no additional cost.

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