he new Millenium has seen phenomenal growth in telecommunications infrastructure as our societies march headlong into the Information Age. Nowadays virtually all consumers and businesses are dependent on the Internet, be it for information storage or gathering, data communication, transacting online, or just for everyday life. Because of such widespread reliance on the connectivity offered by this technology, it is more important than ever that these structures be kept fully functional and properly maintained.

The full range of telecommunications assets required to bring information to hand is significant and diverse. From large steel towers to Wi-Fi routers and everything in between, the demands placed on managers and technicians of communications infrastructure are broad.

For example, some of the challenges facing communications companies include:

  • The speed of delivery in rolling out new infrastructure
  • Having access to the service history of infrastructure in older buildings where unplanned telecommunications needs have often led to disparate collections of ad-hoc solutions
  • The maintenance of legacy cabling which has become expensive to maintain and does not meet regulations and standards
  • Keeping the skill levels of technicians up-to-date in light of rapidly advancing technology
  • The safety issues associated with working in spaces that may have significant radiation and electrical shock risk
  • The problems associated with Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Fire-Stopping activities.

Technisoft Service Manager is designed to help you keep on top of all your operational and financial needs in your servicing of telecommunications assets. Using notations and attachments you can ensure that all the information needed by technicians is available at all times, both in the workshop and in the field. Track employee skills to assist coordinators in scheduling the right people for the job on every occasion. Set tasks on jobs to make sure technicians comply with even the minutest of compliance activity requirements if necessary. Review any part of an asset's service history including past work performed by who and in detail.

No doubt managing telecommunications infrastructure requires a lot of consideration and organization. Technisoft Service Manager is just one more piece of that pie, but you can rest assured that it will always give you the information you need to keep people and machines talking.