Service Centers

Supports geographic service centers and divisions. Define location-specific numbering for all document types, general ledger segment accounting and allow your team and inventory to be assigned to a specific service center.

Allowing for Different Service Locations

If you need to separate the financial and operational aspects of different divisions or locations in your organization then Service Centers is a handy add-on module to help you to achieve this.

Service Centers are geographic work centers or divisions. These can be an external branch or an internal division or a department.

Using Service Centers allows for separate numbering for all document types including projects, jobs, quotes, templates, agreements, invoices, credits, and return authorizations.

Employees and resources can be locked to a particular Service Center so they only have access to the details for that branch.

You also can specify stock location defaults for each Service Center.

GL Segment overrides can be performed for different Service Centers and separate Day Ends can be run.