Mining & Quarrying

he vast majority of serviceable equipment assets used in mining and quarrying are built for hard work. Their operational environments are often quite extreme, and in many cases, operations continue 24 hours, seven days a week.

Whether the machinery is for drilling, grinding, bulldozing, rolling, watering, pumping, carting or lifting, there are so many different types of service activities taking place onsite and in the workshop that Preventative Maintenance systems built on paper or Excel are just not going to cut it. Then there’s onsite accommodation, offices, shared spaces, and a refinery plant that will likely need periodic servicing activities as well!

So how do you optimally plan preventative maintenance for all these diverse assets? What things do you need to do to ensure that business operations can continue with minimal disruption while key elements in the production chain are offline? Well, that’s where the combination of Sage 300 and Technisoft Service Manager comes in.

For ad-hoc and emergency repair servicing, Technisoft Service Manager will always meet your information requirements. You can use work tickets to record costs for all labor and parts as necessary, and if desired all financial data can be associated with individual equipment assets to build detailed asset servicing histories. On top of this, you can make notations, attach photos and even insert purchase orders straight into the document - fully integrated with the powerful Sage 300 purchase ordering system, of course.

The Advanced Maintenance add-on module for Technisoft Service Manager provides you with a comprehensive toolbox of features to allow accurate forecasting of future parts and labor requirements with incredible efficiency. Whether your servicing is based on vehicle mileage, engine hours, tonnes of ore processed, and/or even the passing of time, Advanced Maintenance will always help ensure that no essential servicing gets missed. Although not required to take full advantage of our preventative maintenance system, Service Manager can support up to fifteen tiers of cross-level dependencies should your planning schemes need such a fine granularity of control.

There is no doubt that the mining and quarrying sector puts pressure on production assets, and that lost production during times of exceptional commodity prices is something to be avoided at all costs. To help achieve this Technisoft Service Manager may prove to be your most valuable asset of all.