Properties & Facilities

The properties and facilities maintenance industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Without it, our buildings would crumble, our fences would collapse, and our dwellings and facilities would become unusable. However, this maintenance industry faces many challenges that can make it difficult to keep up with demand. To manage these demands you need systems to organize both your work and your workforce.

Most buildings and facilities contain unique maintenance concerns, and for this reason, you can’t do one-size-fits-all for building maintenance solutions. From routine carpet cleaning to full strip-out sanitation of drains, getting the right upkeep level will help your business gain some serious income - provided you can organize your business.

So how do you optimally plan your maintenance schedule for so many diverse types of activities? How can you best manage your workforce across regular contracts and ad-hoc maintenance emergencies? Well, that’s where the combination of Sage 300 and Technisoft Service Manager comes in.

Along with Sage 300, Technisoft Service Manager is designed to help you keep on top of all your operational and financial needs in your servicing of all your managed property assets. Create work tickets quickly and easily, and use notations and attachments to ensure that all the information needed by technicians is available at all times, from anywhere. Track employee skills and real-time location information to assist coordinators in scheduling the right people for every job on every occasion. Set tasks on jobs to make sure field staff comply with even the minutest of compliance activity requirements if necessary. Review any part of a property's service history including past work performed by who and in detail in just a few quick menu selections.

No doubt managing jobs and personnel in the properties and facilities maintenance space requires a lot of consideration and organization. Technisoft Service Manager is just one more piece of that puzzle, but you can rest assured that it will always give you the information you need to keep people and machines talking.