Transport & Logistics

As a transport and logistics company, the vehicles in your fleet are your lifeblood. You know that it’s only if they are fully operational and mobile that your company’s revenue can continue to flow at the pace that you require.  
However, vehicles need regular servicing to ensure their safety and longevity, as well as ad-hoc servicing should accidents or equipment failures arise.  So there will be times when your trucks, vans, or buses will need to be taken offline for servicing, and - be it either planned or ad-hoc - that servicing needs to be managed in a way that will minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
For ad-hoc servicing, Technisoft Service Manager will always meet your data requirements.  You can use Service Manager Job documents to record costs for all labor and parts as necessary.  You can also include billing information if some outside entity is to be invoiced for the work.  All financial data can be associated with a particular equipment asset if desired to add to the servicing history of that asset for both operational and financial reporting.  On top of this, you can make notes, attach photos and even insert purchase orders straight into the document - fully integrated with the powerful Sage 300 purchase ordering system, of course.
For planned and scheduled servicing - otherwise known as Preventative Maintenance - Technisoft Service Manager will meet your needs in a way that you never thought possible.  Our comprehensive Advanced Maintenance add-on module will allow you to forecast future parts and labor requirements with incredible accuracy and efficiency.  Whether your servicing is based on vehicle mileage, or the passing of time, or a combination of both, or even other metrics, Advanced Maintenance will help you always be one step ahead.  Although not required to take full advantage of our Preventative Maintenance system, Service Manager can support up to fifteen tiers of cross-level dependencies should your planning schemes need such a fine level of control.
No doubt managing a fleet of vehicles requires a lot of consideration and organization.  Technisoft Service Manager is just one more piece of that pie, but you can rest assured that it will always give you the information you need to keep them doggies rolling.